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We will provide individuals or will source teams of individuals with the necessary experience to deliver bespoke projects and consultancy services for clients. Our Associates include Finance Executives, Operational Executives and Clinical Executives. The range of projects undertaken include:

Programme Management: The establishment of short life programme management offices or virtual functions for the delivery of a single complex project or a number of interdependent projects.

Project Management: The construction of Project Business Cases, the development of Project Initiation Documents and Project Plans, implementation of risk and issues control to the point of delivery and subsequent post implementation review.

Financial and Systems Review: Reviews of efficiency and effectiveness in financial processes and operational delivery.

Health System Reviews: Multi disciplinary reviews of systems, pathways and integrated health economy systems

Operational efficiency reviews and support: Targeted support to Cash Releasing Efficiency Savings (CRES) or Quality Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP) programmes.

Strategic Financial Planning and Financial Recovery: We have extensive experience in assisting health organisations to develop strategic financial plans that address sustainability and long-term financial health.

Tender and Bid support: Support for the construction of, or evaluation of, tender and commercial bid documentation and presentations.

Education and training: Specific or general training for the healthcare sector, particularly for NHS teams or for private sector clients seeking to enter traditional NHS markets.

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