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We provide short-term Executive project management services of between 2 and 8 months to bridge the transitional needs of clients who are seeking permanent recruits to Executive positions and wish to support their own staff in acting or developmental roles. We provide this service to between 1 to 3 clients per annum and, working with associates, this service can be provided by a team.

Our aim is to provide a seamless transition between substantive post-holders. We bring a track record of success and experience that adds real value to our assignments.

We have learned that constant dialogue with the designate Executive prior to taking up post plus a period of 4-6 weeks of overlap optimises the transition, facilitates the most effective changes during the assignment and ensures continuity and sustainability after transition.

All assignments are concluded with a review of the specific objectives and outcomes agreed at the start of the assignment. We pride ourselves on our continuing commitment to our clients and maintain strong on-going links after our assignment finishes.

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