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Boa Associates, and specifically Bill Boa, were contracted to fulfill/provide an interim Director of Finance role for a period of 5 – 6 months.  North Bristol Trust has a complex agenda and this role needed to ensure the assessment and completion of an LTFM and IBP (in under 3 months) as part of the Trust's FT application, as well as costing and delivery of an operating plan to underpin the move into a £430m PFI. The strength of working with Boa Associates was that it enabled a flexible planning approach to filling the position that allowed NBT to maximise the contribution of Bill's personal skills and knowledge.  His personal style and expertise brought confidence to the whole Board of the trust's financial status and his wealth of experience meant that he was able to provide valued advice about the FT process and the workings of Monitor.  Bill used his wide experience to review and inform the internal financial structures that would set the groundwork for a robust financial department for the incoming substantive Director of Finance.   As part of Bill's work he developed a transition plan for the incoming Director of Finance that ensured a seamless transfer on his departure.  I know that every Executive colleague found Bill's advice, both on financial issues, as well as the wider trust agenda invaluable.  Bill's natural style meant that within days he was accepted as a fellow executive rather than an external consultant.  His immediate interest and commitment to the Trust achieving its best outcomes was evident from day one.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Boa & Associates for future projects.

Marie-Noelle Orzel, Interim Chief Executive and Director of Nursing and Quality
North Bristol NHS Trust

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