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The genesis of Boa & Associates Consultancy Ltd was in June 2012. Bill and Caroline formally founded the company in March 2013 having established that there was a genuine demand for interim transitional support, specialised project work and focused support for financial recovery programmes. Bill delivers the majority of the client facing work of the company either alone or frequently with a group of trusted and outstanding associates. Caroline administers the company and undertakes much of the research that underpins the approach we adopt and the documents that we share with our client base.

Bill Boa

Bill Boa

Bill is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. Following his degree in English Literature and Language he joined Ernst and Whinney in London as a trainee. Bill qualified with Ernst & Whinney and worked in a range of services including audit, mergers and acquisitions, corporate recovery and the private healthcare sector.

Bill joined the NHS in 1991 and at the age of 27 became Director of Finance at his first NHS Trust. Bill worked in the NHS until 2012 and in that time worked as an Executive in Community Trusts, Mental Health Trusts, Acute Trusts, Primary Care Trusts and Foundation Trusts and also worked as Deputy in the South West Strategic Health Authority.

Bill was increasingly asked to go to organisations that faced particular financial and operational difficulties and found that he could genuinely help and that he enjoyed this sort of high impact work.

In 2012 Bill made the conscious decision to leave the NHS and see if this kind of work could be captured in a service offering to the NHS. He has been surprised and delighted by the demand and also the demand from unexpected private sector and overseas markets. The ability to see many organisations facing often unique issues and sometimes similar issues has undoubtedly improved Bill’s skills and experience in this area.

Bill and Caroline have lived in Dorset for 16 years having moved from London with their children.

Bill is a Trustee of Arts & Health South West a role he agreed to volunteer for when he left the NHS. He acts as Treasurer for this remarkable Charity.

Caroline Boa

Caroline Boa

Caroline is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives. Following her degree in Geography she and Bill moved to London where she worked for the Independent Police Complaints Authority. When Bill and Caroline decided to leave London with their 1-year old son, Caroline decided to retrain and commenced studying law while their newly born daughter was growing. Caroline works in property law now and is still practicing for part of the week while spending the rest of her week managing the company as Company Secretary and Director.

Caroline brings a lawyers mind to the research she undertakes for the company and is, of course, perfectly qualified to act as Company Secretary. Her first love is, however, law despite Bill’s best attempts to convince her to study accountancy!


Our Associates

Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon Consulting Ltd provides consultancy services to the Health Sector.

Contact: John Yarnold
Tel: 07772 366092
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Consilia (UK) Limited

Consilia (UK) Limited provides interim financial services and consultancy to the Health sector.

Contact: James Corrigan
Tel: 07896 419379

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SLY Consulting

S.L.Y Consulting provides consultancy and interim Chief Executive services to the Health sector. The company also provides Executive coaching and mentorship services.

Contact: Paul Sly
Tel: 07824 168610

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Caroline VanLuttmer

Van Luttmer Consulting Ltd provides consultancy services to the health sector including private, public, domestic and international clients.

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